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Saint John IRS Audit Defense Attorney

One of the terrifying things a taxpayer can experience is being subject to an IRS tax audit. There are many reasons you can be selected for one, and sometimes, you may even be caught unaware of what you did wrong. If a mistake is found in your records, serious financial consequences may arise.

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Admittedly, taxes are always difficult to handle, and if you own a business, there may be slip-ups you don’t immediately spot while sorting out your taxes. Fortunately, if you are selected for an audit you can get help to sort out any issue that may emerge.

Defense Tax Partners has the best Saint John IRS audit defense team you can ask for if the IRS has selected you to undergo an audit. Our experienced lawyers have the tenure and knowledge necessary to help you prepare for the audit and assist you in sorting out any tax liabilities that may happen if the audit does not go favorably for you. You won’t regret getting our team for the job because we will do our best to help you speak to the IRS and get everything resolved without many penalties.

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What is an IRS Tax Audit?

Like a regular audit, the IRS tax audit is a review of a person’s or a business’ financial records to confirm if the data reported to the agency is correct and done in accordance with the law. It is also done to make sure that the people are paying the right taxes.

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Anyone can be subjected to an IRS tax audit, and people are notified if they will be placed under the process. The IRS will do the audit through mail or in person, requesting all the documents they think are needed to verify your records. Old tax records and information may be requested, and sometimes, you may be asked to elaborate further on certain points of your tax returns.

Before you do get into an IRS tax audit, it is important that you are prepared for it. Have your records, audited tax returns, receipts, and other important financial records ready. You should also take some time to read your records so you can answer the questions that the IRS can raise. If this is too much for you, you can seek the help of an IRS audit defense attorney to help you prepare for the audit and settle any issues that may occur.

Tax Audit Defense

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Getting a Saint John IRS audit defense lawyer will streamline the IRS audit and make it easier for you. The attorney will be able to handle all the talks with the IRS and speed everything up. They know the laws, terms, and issues that may occur, so they can sort out any issues that might pop up in the audit.

Should the audit be unfavorable, you can still appeal the decision. Our team will sit down with you to review your tax records and all the documents necessary to refute the audit. Our team will also recommend the best options you can take to take care of your tax issues.

Tax Audit Legal Support

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Defense Tax Partners is among Saint John’s best tax law firms that you can approach if you have any tax issues.

Various business institutions have given us a top rating, and our clients can attest to how well our tax audit defense service did to get their taxes under control. Aside from having the best team to help each client, we are honest and dedicated to helping you with your taxes.

Here are some of the legal services we offer:

  • Bank Levy Removal
  • Offer in Compromise
  • Wage Garnishment Removal
  • Tax Preparation
  • Tax Resolution
  • Penalty Abatement
  • Innocent Spouse
  • Passport Reinstatement
  • Audit Representation
  • Tax Lien Removal

Whichever legal tax concerns you may have, our IRS audit defense team is here to assist and represent your interest.

Let’s Talk Now – Free Consultation

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Defense Tax Partners is the tax law firm to approach if you want a Saint John IRS audit defense team that can help you get past the audit and teach you how to understand the law in the process.

Our team will present the best course of action for your case, and if it works for you, we will do our very best to get the results you want. We are committed to helping you sort out your tax issues and prevent them in the future.

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